The CapHat Keypad

The only capacitive touch HAT for the Raspberry Pi
Ideal for students, educators and Raspberry Pi enthusiast.

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It's just a great all-rounder

well, it can't play cricket but it could certainly help you keep score!

Official Raspberry Pi HAT

Not only does it look great but it conforms to the official Raspberry Pi Foundation HAT specification.

That way you can be worry free about using it with your Pi.

Great for Students & Educators

Simple design, simple software and all tied in to the existing Raspberry Pi eco system.

The only limit is your imagination. Be it a simple door keypad, a drum kit or even a way to communicate with aliens. We guarantee you'll be up and running in no time

Superb Cost

At only $25 (£18) the CapHat is the perfect accessory for your Raspberry Pi arsenal. Check out the Kickstarter funding page for early bird deals and education offers

Compatible with a range of Pis

The CapHat is compatible with the A+, B+, 2 & the brand new 3 Raspberry Pis. Subscribe now for education deals and Kickstarter offers.

Caphat Arduino Turret

Control your sentry and blow away your enemies with the CapHat!

Caphat Robot Computer Visiont

Remember that robot you had at school where you programmed the direction and off it went? Why not build one of those!

Caphat Arduino

Connect the Raspberry Pi & CapHat to an Arduino and communicate over serial to accelerate your Arduino projects

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